About beauty

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Credit to: Jack Hawley

Beauty is something incomprehensible.

We have a feeling of it that is impossible to disassemble into components.

Beauty includes sophisticated thought-provoking shapes, unusual color combinations, symmetry.

We find beauty in nature, people, objects, and sounds.

But probably the most important characteristic of the beauty is its fragility.

Beauty in anything can be broken with one single word, one single thought.

Anytime you call something beautiful it becomes dull.

The word “beautiful” and any other word is flat and does not represent what you perceive.

I encourage you to practice the perception of the beauty without constant attempts to label it. As soon as you stick a word to your visual or audial experience the beauty fades away.

Grasping the beauty means the ability to touch it thoughtlessly.

It is a skill that you can foster and that will transport you to the state of perception that you had when you were a child.


Stop the thought. Touch the beauty.


How to quit drinking

My story. Motivation. Action points.

My story

I recently received this question on Quora and it made me realized that giving up alcohol was a hell of a journey for me. Yesterday a friend of mine asked when was the last time I was drunk and honestly I even can’t remember what it is like to be drunk. This is my drinking chronicle that may partially explain why I consider myself fairly competent to talk about this topic.

Why I don’t eat meat

8 reasons to give up eating meat today

I was a meat eater all my life.

I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, where all Kazakh people are huge meat eaters, with horse meat being a traditional meat. Kazakh and Russian cultures were mixed in Kazakhstan in the course of history giving access to meat delicacies of Russian cuisine as well.

I came to Korea in 2013, to discover that Koreans are huge meat eaters too. Unlike Kazakhstan where pork is not so popular among Kazakh people since they are mostly Muslims, in Korea people show no mercy to poor piggies. Neither did I when I first arrived in Korea. Seduced by the new range of tastes, I went nuts for a meat-eating fiesta and in two weeks in Korea I gained 5 kilograms.

About the Way.

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Credit to: Fabio Partenheimer

I am grateful to my parents that gave me the name that defined the course of my life.

Thousand of ways.

That is some original ass creativity if you ask me.

My name is my own beacon, a reminder to stay open to different paths and opportunities.

I learned that to any problem that I face there are multiple solutions.

I happened to learn that there are also multiple ways to enter the problematic situation.

I learned that there are many ways I could manifest myself in this life. Some are inspiring and some are fearsome, some grow the light within me, and some lead me to the darkness inside.

I learned that the ways I walk are always temporary and there is a turning point on any of them where I have to choose where my next road will lead me. It is these very moments that turn me inside out to expose what I really am and what I could become.

Hit the road, child.

Don’t be afraid of it. Your thousands of ways are essentially one path that you have to walk — path of a warrior, path of a hero.

On your way, you will find your weapons and strengths, kill monsters and slay dragons. On your way, you will accomplish things you never imagined are possible.

We have to walk our paths and undergo personal evolution being open to change and cherishing transformation.

I encourage you to do so.

You don’t have the Way.

You ARE the Way.

Stay persistent.

Believe in yourself.

Think twice, no, three times when you find yourself at crossroads but once you made up your mind don’t look back.

Make sure you have a good ride this life.

Stay fierce. Set yourself on fire. And

Do not go gentle into that good night

Dylan Thomas

Fasting. The new remedy for soul and body

How to lose 3 kg in 3 days.

I was sitting in the restaurant with my lady, and a plate of delicious sushi was right in front of me. Salmon and shrimps, eggs and eel, deliciously smelling soup. I felt it. The temptation. Resisting it, acute discomfort, listening to the voice inside — all was a durability test for the willpower. It was hard, and that was the point.

It was the first time when I tried fasting. Why would I do something crazy like this?

About Temporary Being.

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We are born.

We live.

We die.

This is the circle of life.

Death comes to all of us. It is the only one thing that you can be 100% sure about. An ultimate equalizer for everyone be it a rich man or a homeless, a genius or an idiot.

Today, start to develop the right attitude towards the things and life in general.

The attitude of temporary being.

With all our possessions and assets, with all these bling-blings and ka-chings it is so easy to get attached to them.

You have to cultivate the right mindset.

You are a guest on this planet.

Once, you knocked the door alone.

You walk alone.

You will have to leave one day.


Nothing belongs to you here, it never did and it never will.

Everything that you were or will be able to grasp in your hands is temporary. The moment lasts and then it is superseded by another moment, and then by another one, and so on…

And so are you.

You are not the first human being walking the earth and you are definitely not the last. Your problems are not the most problematic things in the Universe.

Stay humble.

Be a fragile dandelion with a head full of mind-seeds of attachments ready to let go because whether you want it or not the wind of time will blow them away.

Be a respectful and considerate guest on this planet. Take responsibility for a part of it and leave it to those who will come after you a little bit better and slightly more beautiful.

Channel the knowledge through your life, leave a legacy that will wait for those who seek help.

Learn from those who did the same thing for you. Collect the crumbles of wisdom and cherish them along the way.

Make a person next to you smile for a second as at that very second you are changing her life.

Enrich lives of those with whom your life happened to intersect with.

And when the wind comes, be ready to become a dandelion.

Let go.