How to quit smoking

My story of 6 years of fresh air after 6 years of smoking.

Oh well well…Quitting smoking, huh? I guess I am not that kind of guy who tells others what they should do rather I would like to share with you my story, which can become my little contribution, a little puzzle in your mindset to get rid of those ‘lil bastards’. But here is the list of things that I did and it worked for me. I was weak and I became strong. So can you.

How to approach women with confidence

To my fellow good men who still struggle with meeting girls

Iam on the path of mastery. Being an educator is my second nature, so please forgive me when my writings sound like instructions, rather than a story. I am working on it.

Recently I wrote an essay about the confidence and I realized that I can’t squeeze all of the experience that I have and all the knowledge that I acquired over the years into one single article and I decided that dating is a topic that deserves a separate discussion.

I am writing an essay that I wish I could find and read years ago when I was just starting learning about dating.

About Wrong Choices

Man's Hand in Shallow Focus and Grayscale Photography

I am trying to write to you daily, but sometimes I skip.

Maybe I choose not to.

I want to take a pause and think about the significance of the choice.

You choose all the time. From minor things, like what to eat for breakfast, to important ones, like choosing a school or a country to live.

Big choices are like turning the steering wheel really fast. They can completely change your course. Whereas, small choices are much more tricky. They are unnoticable but upon accumulation, the change that they provide could be astounding.

Remember. You become the totality of the choices you made.

I made many wrong choices in my life.

I could say that we don’t fail in life, we whether win or learn, but that would be a lie.

I failed. And I failed big.

Of course, I learned but learning is not the point. The winning is.

As a rule of thumb before making a choice think about what your parents would say and sit down, close your eyes, and listen to your inner voice.

The mechanisms of internal insights are unknown, but it doesn’t change the fact that somehow you already know what is the right thing for you.

Rarely you will face situations where you find yourself facing dilemmas.

Most of the time everything is straightforward.

Please, ask yourself the following question more often:

“Is that the right thing to do?”

And if the answer is “no” then don’t do it.

You might not see the instant results of your choices but don’t get delusional, we all harvest what we seed.

Always choose wisely.


The Truth about Relationships

Letters to my unborn child.

We live our lives. We meet people. We create relationships. Some of them are healthy and some of them are not.

It took me years to understand human relationships the way I do now. I want to share with you my insights, that can resonate with some people, catalyze the development of personal mindset in others, and become a standpoint of argument with someone else.

10 things I love about Korea

And why you will too.

1. Food.

Very unsurprising that one of the best zests of Korea is Korean traditional cuisine. The variety of Korean food is very broad and the quality is extremely high.

Some people say that in terms of food you have to choose the province carefully. The province where I live — Jeollanam-do is famous all over Korea for the culinary delicacies it has to offer.

10 things I hate about Korea

What you should know before coming to South Korea

1. Food.

I don’t hate the food itself. I love Korean food. I just hate the fact that there is so little diversity. Of course, the variety of choices are conditioned by the culture. Korea is very mono-national so all of the restaurants are skewed towards meeting the taste requirements of an average Korean. Or maybe it’s Koreans lacking imagination.

About Luck

White and Black Dice

I don’t believe in luck.

I believe in the way and the law of attraction.

The way — is what you create. You invest your time, you invest your attention, you work hard to change your mindset, and as a result, you transform.

The law of attraction for me is universal. I can’t deny its existence. For me, it is as real as gravity.

When you call something lucky you jeopardize your own will. You start to think that the things that happen to you are of external nature and in some cases, you might believe that you are out of your hand.

That’s not true.

People around came to your life because of who you are. And this is the reason for them to leave when the time comes.

Situations don’t happen. You attract them, both positive and negative.

You think, and more of what you think about will appear in your life. That’s the law of thought materialization.

If you “got lucky” stay grateful and humble. You’ve just attracted something positive in your life. The Universe thinks you are worthy, say thank you, and don’t get attached. The Universe is abundant, but it doesn’t owe you anything.

If you “got unlucky” stay grateful and humble. Grateful because you never know, it might be that the alternative situation to what you have is actually much worse. Stay humble, because this is what the Universe tells you to do. You got too arrogant, too attached, you lost balance, and the Universe sends you a reminder. Don’t cock it up.

In Russian, we say: “God has no other hands but ours”.

Think about it.

You are the master of your ship.

You are the creator of your own luck.

How to get confidence

A short guide on how to stop shying away from life

Back in the days, I lacked confidence a lot, being a young green teenager, I was shying away from many opportunities that might have changed my life in many meaningful ways.

I was living in my head giving too much shit about the things that didn’t add up value in my life and it took me years to build my confidence from the ground.

I see many people wondering how to become confident and that is why I have decided to summarize all of my knowledge in a short essay to address all of these requests at once.

If I would be at the starting point of my journey again I would ask myself: what is a confidence?

How to study in the age of technological disruption

Things I wish somebody told me when I was in school.

All my life I was studying the wrong way.

I never had a mentor or an older brother, or a thoughtful teacher who would lead me, guide me, shine away the darkness of ignorance and spill the sobering truth explaining to me how fucked up the world around me is, and most importantly what do I have to do when life is a mess and everything seems absurd.

I want to share with you the knowledge that would have saved me precious time back in the school days. The things that I learned the hard way, you don’t have to.