Lessons from 2017 that made me stronger

And things I refuse to do in 2018

Yesterday my friend Arslan Atajanov helped me to set up my blog. Finally, I got my hands on it giving myself an objective for the upcoming year. I just want to have one place to keep my thoughts neat and organized. Medium, with all my love, is not the best place for organizing things.

www.chengeerlee.com. If that doesn’t sound beyond odd then I don’t know what is. I never thought I would have a personal blog. Right now it is just a WordPress shell but I will work hard to beat it into shape.

The writing advice from James Altucher that changed my life

The most important lesson about writing and life in general.

Written for Quora: What are one or two sentences that someone has told you that changed your life for the better?

James Altucher.

I have been following him for about a year now. And if you are a regular on Medium like me you maybe also wondering how is this guy could be so omnipresent. His voice seems to be scattered all over the internet. The simplistic almost minimalist style of his writing peeled off the layers of my stereotypical thinking about the craft of writing.

Personal finance. How to manage your money

My take on how to manage personal finance

Iwas bad at managing my money all my life. It just happened that my parents never gave me a proper financial education. Not their fault, they never got one either. They figured out how the money works all by themselves but maybe never had the time or didn’t know how to find the approach to educate their kids about the money.

Meditations. The single practice that will change your life forever

I have been practicing meditations for 4+ years. Here is what I learned.

I started my meditation journey after I passed Sparta. I was following my coach Anton on SNS and watching his videos where he emphasized the importance of meditations in his morning routine.

At that time I knew very little about the meditation. So as many there was still an imprinted association with Buddhism and religion but I got the determination to explore what the whole meditation thing is about.

So I started to practice.

How to shape your mindset

Written for Quora: How did you change your attitude towards people, yourself and life?

There were times when I was thinking that the whole world is against me. I thought that my life is falling apart.

It wasn’t. I was.

It took a lot of pain of learning the life lessons the hard way in order to understand how to become an effective human being in this world.

I want to save your time and share my ideas on the topic with you.

Why jealousy is counter-productive

Written for Quora: Why don’t good looking and popular people ever suffer in life? Their life seems to be perfect and it doesn’t seem fair how they have it easy, while others struggle.

You may see all these “perfect” people on Instagram.

Good looks, fancy clothes, amazing sceneries on the background. Have you ever felts a spike of jealousy inside your heart?

I want to discuss the mindset towards someone’s success. There are 3 pieces of it that are of my particular interest.

Shall we?