About beauty

black-and-white, bloom, blossom

Credit to: Jack Hawley

Beauty is something incomprehensible.

We have a feeling of it that is impossible to disassemble into components.

Beauty includes sophisticated thought-provoking shapes, unusual color combinations, symmetry.

We find beauty in nature, people, objects, and sounds.

But probably the most important characteristic of the beauty is its fragility.

Beauty in anything can be broken with one single word, one single thought.

Anytime you call something beautiful it becomes dull.

The word “beautiful” and any other word is flat and does not represent what you perceive.

I encourage you to practice the perception of the beauty without constant attempts to label it. As soon as you stick a word to your visual or audial experience the beauty fades away.

Grasping the beauty means the ability to touch it thoughtlessly.

It is a skill that you can foster and that will transport you to the state of perception that you had when you were a child.


Stop the thought. Touch the beauty.


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