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One day you will leave.

You will go because it will be your time to go.

You will grow up as you will become an adult and it means that your time to explore the world and walk your own path will come.

I will worry.

I will trust you but I will still worry.

A friend of mine who has 2 kids already once said to me that the moment your child is born is the moment when you start to live with fear for your baby.

I can tell you about my parents. I am an adult, and I am a man fully capable of taking care of myself, yet your grandmother still texts me and calls me every day asking if I am eating well, and keeping myself away from colds.

You will be a parent too.

I can’t imagine how your life will look like with all the progress and innovation that will take place in the next 20 years. I am fascinated and I am looking forward to what a beautiful human being you will become.

I understand that on the speeds of life that are waiting for you there will be so little time for your old man. That is why I am taking my time now, so you could come back to me whenever you are ready.

Be a good child and remember:

You are born to do great things, not just add up to the noise.

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