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Yesterday a new video popped up on YouTube.

A robot did a backflip.

A robot.

By the time you will be reading this complex-moving robots will be as normal as smartphones for us. Robots will do amazing things, and still will be improving.

Last year we saw the robots from BostonRobotics and were laughing as they were quite clumsy.

The robots of today can learn how to walk from nothing within several hours faster than any human being.

Just last year in March 2016 we saw AlphaGo crushing Lee Sedol which was first considered impossible.

Today AlphaGo can crush 50 top players. Simultaneously.

The pace of the progress is remarkable, but also it is quite scary.

The technology is getting cheaper, smartphones become accessible, the internet gets faster and is more available.

It decreases the cost of education and accessibility of knowledge, people get smarter, smart people get ideas, the penetration barrier for starting a company becomes thin, innovations emerge.

Companies compete in attempts to develop superior technologies, shareholders encourage further advancements, governments are trying to keep up with the technology and issue adequate regulations.

It is a challenge of our time to keep a balance between regulations and innovation, a balance between safety and progress.

I believe the future where Artificial Intelligence has changed the face of the world— the future you live in is safe and beautiful.

I hope we will face the challenges that the disruptions of the job market will bring us.

I am fascinated to share this time with you.

Stay brave and driven.

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