About Luck

White and Black Dice

I don’t believe in luck.

I believe in the way and the law of attraction.

The way — is what you create. You invest your time, you invest your attention, you work hard to change your mindset, and as a result, you transform.

The law of attraction for me is universal. I can’t deny its existence. For me, it is as real as gravity.

When you call something lucky you jeopardize your own will. You start to think that the things that happen to you are of external nature and in some cases, you might believe that you are out of your hand.

That’s not true.

People around came to your life because of who you are. And this is the reason for them to leave when the time comes.

Situations don’t happen. You attract them, both positive and negative.

You think, and more of what you think about will appear in your life. That’s the law of thought materialization.

If you “got lucky” stay grateful and humble. You’ve just attracted something positive in your life. The Universe thinks you are worthy, say thank you, and don’t get attached. The Universe is abundant, but it doesn’t owe you anything.

If you “got unlucky” stay grateful and humble. Grateful because you never know, it might be that the alternative situation to what you have is actually much worse. Stay humble, because this is what the Universe tells you to do. You got too arrogant, too attached, you lost balance, and the Universe sends you a reminder. Don’t cock it up.

In Russian, we say: “God has no other hands but ours”.

Think about it.

You are the master of your ship.

You are the creator of your own luck.

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