About Temporary Being.

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We are born.

We live.

We die.

This is the circle of life.

Death comes to all of us. It is the only one thing that you can be 100% sure about. An ultimate equalizer for everyone be it a rich man or a homeless, a genius or an idiot.

Today, start to develop the right attitude towards the things and life in general.

The attitude of temporary being.

With all our possessions and assets, with all these bling-blings and ka-chings it is so easy to get attached to them.

You have to cultivate the right mindset.

You are a guest on this planet.

Once, you knocked the door alone.

You walk alone.

You will have to leave one day.


Nothing belongs to you here, it never did and it never will.

Everything that you were or will be able to grasp in your hands is temporary. The moment lasts and then it is superseded by another moment, and then by another one, and so on…

And so are you.

You are not the first human being walking the earth and you are definitely not the last. Your problems are not the most problematic things in the Universe.

Stay humble.

Be a fragile dandelion with a head full of mind-seeds of attachments ready to let go because whether you want it or not the wind of time will blow them away.

Be a respectful and considerate guest on this planet. Take responsibility for a part of it and leave it to those who will come after you a little bit better and slightly more beautiful.

Channel the knowledge through your life, leave a legacy that will wait for those who seek help.

Learn from those who did the same thing for you. Collect the crumbles of wisdom and cherish them along the way.

Make a person next to you smile for a second as at that very second you are changing her life.

Enrich lives of those with whom your life happened to intersect with.

And when the wind comes, be ready to become a dandelion.

Let go.

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