About Writing

abstract, black and-white, blur

I write.

I hope my letters find you well.

I wish someone did it for me back in time.

I remember myself a lost teenager with a bag of questions and no one around to answer.

Well, I am here for you.

Today I want to tell you about the things I learned through writing.

Writing is a therapy.

Whatever wounds you have, spill them all out on the paper. Once you do, you will feel so much better. You don’t have to share it with anyone. If you want, just burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet. Trust me, writing helps.

Writing dissolves doubts.

Having a hard choice? Write pros and cons on the paper, and the solution will become apparent. In fact, in the moment you take the pen your heart will already know the answer. Listen carefully.

Writing helps you to master the language.

Writing is an instrument, a weapon, a sword if you will. When it is sharp and you are a blade master many things become possible. Yous start to think better, you learn how to formulate your thoughts. As a result, you start to speak better, you will learn how to speak from your very center and touch other people’s hearts and minds.

Writing will tremendously increase your EQ.

Writing is a self-reflection. It gives you the opportunity to practice the skill of description of the soul processes that flow underneath your skin.

Writing teaches you words. If you can name it, you can identify it. If you can identify it, you know how to separate it from yourself. When the emotion becomes a part of you, it no longer controls you.

There are many things that you will learn about yourself as you write.

Write letters to your friends.

Write letters to your future self.

Write letters to me.

Just write.

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