About Wrong Choices

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I am trying to write to you daily, but sometimes I skip.

Maybe I choose not to.

I want to take a pause and think about the significance of the choice.

You choose all the time. From minor things, like what to eat for breakfast, to important ones, like choosing a school or a country to live.

Big choices are like turning the steering wheel really fast. They can completely change your course. Whereas, small choices are much more tricky. They are unnoticable but upon accumulation, the change that they provide could be astounding.

Remember. You become the totality of the choices you made.

I made many wrong choices in my life.

I could say that we don’t fail in life, we whether win or learn, but that would be a lie.

I failed. And I failed big.

Of course, I learned but learning is not the point. The winning is.

As a rule of thumb before making a choice think about what your parents would say and sit down, close your eyes, and listen to your inner voice.

The mechanisms of internal insights are unknown, but it doesn’t change the fact that somehow you already know what is the right thing for you.

Rarely you will face situations where you find yourself facing dilemmas.

Most of the time everything is straightforward.

Please, ask yourself the following question more often:

“Is that the right thing to do?”

And if the answer is “no” then don’t do it.

You might not see the instant results of your choices but don’t get delusional, we all harvest what we seed.

Always choose wisely.


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