Why I don’t eat meat

8 reasons to give up eating meat today

I was a meat eater all my life.

I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, where all Kazakh people are huge meat eaters, with horse meat being a traditional meat. Kazakh and Russian cultures were mixed in Kazakhstan in the course of history giving access to meat delicacies of Russian cuisine as well.

I came to Korea in 2013, to discover that Koreans are huge meat eaters too. Unlike Kazakhstan where pork is not so popular among Kazakh people since they are mostly Muslims, in Korea people show no mercy to poor piggies. Neither did I when I first arrived in Korea. Seduced by the new range of tastes, I went nuts for a meat-eating fiesta and in two weeks in Korea I gained 5 kilograms.

Fasting. The new remedy for soul and body

How to lose 3 kg in 3 days.

I was sitting in the restaurant with my lady, and a plate of delicious sushi was right in front of me. Salmon and shrimps, eggs and eel, deliciously smelling soup. I felt it. The temptation. Resisting it, acute discomfort, listening to the voice inside — all was a durability test for the willpower. It was hard, and that was the point.

It was the first time when I tried fasting. Why would I do something crazy like this?