How to quit drinking

My story. Motivation. Action points.

My story

I recently received this question on Quora and it made me realized that giving up alcohol was a hell of a journey for me. Yesterday a friend of mine asked when was the last time I was drunk and honestly I even can’t remember what it is like to be drunk. This is my drinking chronicle that may partially explain why I consider myself fairly competent to talk about this topic.

How to quit smoking

My story of 6 years of fresh air after 6 years of smoking.

Oh well well…Quitting smoking, huh? I guess I am not that kind of guy who tells others what they should do rather I would like to share with you my story, which can become my little contribution, a little puzzle in your mindset to get rid of those ‘lil bastards’. But here is the list of things that I did and it worked for me. I was weak and I became strong. So can you.