The most important lesson of 2017

What I learned from my Spiritual Teacher and how to start 2018 right

The past year was interesting for me in all senses. Many things have changed. Many things have found their logical ends and I many of them had their inspiring starts.

I know the same is true for you. You’ve been through some serious shit but you survived and you stayed in the game. You’ve had your moments of joy and careless happiness and they made you keep moving.

Lessons from 2017 that made me stronger

And things I refuse to do in 2018

Yesterday my friend Arslan Atajanov helped me to set up my blog. Finally, I got my hands on it giving myself an objective for the upcoming year. I just want to have one place to keep my thoughts neat and organized. Medium, with all my love, is not the best place for organizing things. If that doesn’t sound beyond odd then I don’t know what is. I never thought I would have a personal blog. Right now it is just a WordPress shell but I will work hard to beat it into shape.

The best things in life are not things

Written for Quora: What is the best thing in life?

There are tons of “I wish I knew when I was younger” articles on the internet teaching young people about the life lessons of elders. Understanding that the best things in life are not things is one of them.

Talking to many people that are much older and experienced than me gave me the idea of what really matters at the end of life. Everyone says the same — the most important thing in life is

About Coincidences and Gratitude

Why you shouldn’t rush with conclusions in hard times and stay grateful

In one of my essays, I wrote about the Transurfing of reality. The concept of the Transurfing is a theory that we live in a Space of Variations which contains an infinite number of realities with possible scenarios of each event with its own decorations and roles.

If we are unconscious about the choices we make we basically drift between these variations or in other words we think that things happen to us.