Meditations. The single practice that will change your life forever

I have been practicing meditations for 4+ years. Here is what I learned.

I started my meditation journey after I passed Sparta. I was following my coach Anton on SNS and watching his videos where he emphasized the importance of meditations in his morning routine.

At that time I knew very little about the meditation. So as many there was still an imprinted association with Buddhism and religion but I got the determination to explore what the whole meditation thing is about.

So I started to practice.

The story of my Awakening

Letters to my unborn child.

Did you hear about Awakening?

If you read this, and you are over 12 years old, I am 100% sure that you already had a moment in your life, when you experienced the first step of awakening — the moment when you realized that you are not your body. At one point you just started to distinguish yourself and your body as two separate things. You disassociated them. You started to think of your body as of some kind of vessel for the being dwelling inside this body — You. If you took your time to investigate how You live inside your body, you might have discovered that depending on the state of your physical body, you feel different. This is very important to realize.