Why become a Modern Stoic?

15 quotes explaining why the Stoicism is a perfect personal philosophy

believe that all of the smartest philosophies on earth are already invented. I do not need to reinvent the wheel, I simply need to resurface the ideas of the past, and then build my mindset like a puzzle finding practical applications of the forgotten ideas to my life.

Don’t give a shit

Letters to my unborn child.

When I was young I was always caring too much about what other people think. When we are young we live in our heads, and what we have inside is the ultimate reality for us. The roots of such insecurities may differ from person to person, but the ways of uprooting are pretty much the same. Today we will talk about The Art of Not Giving a Shit.

The Art of not giving a shit consists of 3 principles: The Mindset, The Doing, and The Focus.