How to recover from the breakup

The dialogue with a broken heart

Mik is a good man.

He is smart, witty, and can’t hide his kind heart behind a pretentious “I am a dick” mask.

His Dad is from the US and is a mix of Hungarian and Italian blood and lives on Rhode Island. His Mom is half-Brit and half Irish but born and raised in New Zealand so Mik calls her kiwi with love and makes fun of her British pride. She lives on a boat with her husband sailing over the channels of Mother England. Mik comes to visit her once in a while.

When I ask him he calls Korea his home. He lived here for over 12 years. Having both US and NZ passports he finds his life in Korea comfortable, sometimes too much.

Out of this 12 years, 3 of them he lives with panic attacks.

How to win people and make friends

11 rules of successful communication

In this essay, I will cover the principles of the conversation dynamics that will help you to become better at any interaction you engage in.

If I think about it thoroughly there are really not that many secrets of successful communication.

Here is my list of must-know things that will dramatically improve your interpersonal skills upon implementation:

How to understand men

A letter-guide to a woman from a man

It is impossible for me to tell you all the things that I want without you being offended or you interrupting me so I’ve decided to write you a letter.

If you will take your time and process all the things that I write here, your understanding of me will deepen, your abilities to mitigate our conflicts will grow and our life together will become better as a whole.

Ok, here we go.

How to approach women with confidence

To my fellow good men who still struggle with meeting girls

Iam on the path of mastery. Being an educator is my second nature, so please forgive me when my writings sound like instructions, rather than a story. I am working on it.

Recently I wrote an essay about the confidence and I realized that I can’t squeeze all of the experience that I have and all the knowledge that I acquired over the years into one single article and I decided that dating is a topic that deserves a separate discussion.

I am writing an essay that I wish I could find and read years ago when I was just starting learning about dating.

The Truth about Relationships

Letters to my unborn child.

We live our lives. We meet people. We create relationships. Some of them are healthy and some of them are not.

It took me years to understand human relationships the way I do now. I want to share with you my insights, that can resonate with some people, catalyze the development of personal mindset in others, and become a standpoint of argument with someone else.