Transurfing of Reality in a nutshell

12 golden rules of Transurfing. How to shape your reality and make your wishes come true

There is one book I read that completely shook my perception of the world and transformed the way I operate in it. The name is “Transurfing of reality” by Vadim Zeland. It’s not one book in fact, but the whole series of books that build up several concepts into one coherent theory.

In a nutshell, Transurfing is a model of seeing and controlling the world.

How to build up Self-Esteem

How to think and what to do to feel worthy

This essay is dedicated to all people who struggle with self-esteem like I did years ago.

My struggle was real. I had so much rubbish piled up in my head that made my life miserable, but what is more important is that I was feeding my destructive mindset with my own energy and attention.

Whatever self-improvement activity you engage in your life there are always two components in play: The Mindset and The Actions.

The State of Flow

How to reach your peak performance

The Flow — the state of peak performance so desired by many

We all heard of it and we experienced it many times but we still struggle summoning it back when we need it the most.

I’ve just finished my essay about the productivity where I mention the state of flow.

Let’s define it first.

The state of Flow is a state when doing things becomes so natural that you exert little or no force in order to keep doing it.

How to win people and make friends

11 rules of successful communication

In this essay, I will cover the principles of the conversation dynamics that will help you to become better at any interaction you engage in.

If I think about it thoroughly there are really not that many secrets of successful communication.

Here is my list of must-know things that will dramatically improve your interpersonal skills upon implementation:

The story of my Awakening

Letters to my unborn child.

Did you hear about Awakening?

If you read this, and you are over 12 years old, I am 100% sure that you already had a moment in your life, when you experienced the first step of awakening — the moment when you realized that you are not your body. At one point you just started to distinguish yourself and your body as two separate things. You disassociated them. You started to think of your body as of some kind of vessel for the being dwelling inside this body — You. If you took your time to investigate how You live inside your body, you might have discovered that depending on the state of your physical body, you feel different. This is very important to realize.