The writing advice from James Altucher that changed my life

The most important lesson about writing and life in general.

Written for Quora: What are one or two sentences that someone has told you that changed your life for the better?

James Altucher.

I have been following him for about a year now. And if you are a regular on Medium like me you maybe also wondering how is this guy could be so omnipresent. His voice seems to be scattered all over the internet. The simplistic almost minimalist style of his writing peeled off the layers of my stereotypical thinking about the craft of writing.

How to build up Self-Esteem

How to think and what to do to feel worthy

This essay is dedicated to all people who struggle with self-esteem like I did years ago.

My struggle was real. I had so much rubbish piled up in my head that made my life miserable, but what is more important is that I was feeding my destructive mindset with my own energy and attention.

Whatever self-improvement activity you engage in your life there are always two components in play: The Mindset and The Actions.

How to approach women with confidence

To my fellow good men who still struggle with meeting girls

Iam on the path of mastery. Being an educator is my second nature, so please forgive me when my writings sound like instructions, rather than a story. I am working on it.

Recently I wrote an essay about the confidence and I realized that I can’t squeeze all of the experience that I have and all the knowledge that I acquired over the years into one single article and I decided that dating is a topic that deserves a separate discussion.

I am writing an essay that I wish I could find and read years ago when I was just starting learning about dating.

How to get confidence

A short guide on how to stop shying away from life

Back in the days, I lacked confidence a lot, being a young green teenager, I was shying away from many opportunities that might have changed my life in many meaningful ways.

I was living in my head giving too much shit about the things that didn’t add up value in my life and it took me years to build my confidence from the ground.

I see many people wondering how to become confident and that is why I have decided to summarize all of my knowledge in a short essay to address all of these requests at once.

If I would be at the starting point of my journey again I would ask myself: what is a confidence?

Don’t give a shit

Letters to my unborn child.

When I was young I was always caring too much about what other people think. When we are young we live in our heads, and what we have inside is the ultimate reality for us. The roots of such insecurities may differ from person to person, but the ways of uprooting are pretty much the same. Today we will talk about The Art of Not Giving a Shit.

The Art of not giving a shit consists of 3 principles: The Mindset, The Doing, and The Focus.