Take care of your time

burn, dark, fire

Time is a concept that we created to describe the world. If there was no movement, if there was no dynamic change for an observer there would be no time.

You have only moment — present moment. Here and Now. It is here, and then it slips away.

Be careful with your time.

The thought “what am I doing now” should be in the back of your mind at all times. Stay present. Stay mindful.

The ability to create things that make a change lingers right here — in the present moment. You can’t become better, smarter, faster, more confident, more disciplined, more audacious tomorrow, as there are no tomorrows.

I was a baby once. I was a child. A kid. A teenager. A young man. A man.

I will be an older man. My 40s. My 50s. My 60s. My 70s. Hopefully.

These ‘was’ and ‘will’ are all compressed in a single moment, they all lived in me, and live in me already.

The time runs faster as we get older. Not like the time itself, but the way we see it.

Take care of your time.

Invest in yourself. Create yourself. Be a beautiful being you are destined to be. And when you take a pause, take a deep breath. Relax. You have all of the time in the world, because this is all you have. A moment. Enjoy it. Live it. Be it. Let go the past and don’t worry about the future. Forgive fast and always look forward.

I am drinking this cup of tea, knowing that you are reading this, at the same very moment. Isn’t this amazing?

Dissolve yourself in Here and Now, and you will feel blessed. That is why it is called ‘present’.

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