Tame your demons

We all have our dark side.

Our inner demons never sleep.

Keep in mind that what you feed is growing inside you. The temptation to indulge is the strongest right before giving up to the thing that you are trying to avoid.

We are not the sum of the things we think, we are the sum of the things we do. Our actions and our choices define us.

There will be dark times for you when you will feel that the world is collapsing.

It is not. You are.

The best way to dissolve the doubt is to act upon it. It doesn’t even matter what you do, just do something. Go and run, start cleaning your room, organize your documents. Anything.

Action dissolved the doubt. Being proactive removes the necessity to uselessly contemplate or what’s worse to complain.

Don’t give food to your inner demons, and by the food I mean your time and attention. Keep them hungry and that will weaken them.

Give the food to the good inside you. Find time to express your gratitude, find time to sit calmly and dive deep down inside yourself, find time to do things that you truly love, things that change you, and force you to become better.

Tame your inner demons because if you won’t they will tame you.


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